Best Tips and Practices for Outdoor Ceremonies

It has been reported that this summer will come with higher than average temperatures across the world. So how can you make sure that you and your guests are comfortable to sit through a ceremony and enjoy every second of it?

Be Prepared for the Elements 

If you’ve lived in MN for a while, you know that the weather is unpredictable which can be scary for couples but it’s not scary for us because we are prepared for anything! Whether it is unexpected rain, snow, humidity, or higher than usual temperatures, our venue is set up for it all! With an installed A/C and heating unit, along with large fans, you’d have nothing to worry about! Our team will always be prepared to set up ceremonies inside or outside as needed. 

But you and your guests also need to prepare yourselves as well! This means sunscreen, bug spray, and appropriate outfits! 

If you’re getting married at the height of the summer heat, it may be best to opt out of full dress suits and embrace the suspender look! For dresses, the least amount of layers are best, especially for wedding dresses! And if you know that your hair is the type to get hot or frizzy in the heat, let your hair stylist know and consider some updos for the ceremony part of your day.

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Be sure to also add a note on your invitations or on your wedding website that prepares guests for the occasion. This means specifying that they will have to walk on grass for the ceremony and gravel in the parking lot because some people don’t consider that in their outfits just by seeing the word Farm in your venue name. 

If you have a wedding website, you can also prepare them that week for what the weather will look like during the ceremony and a good estimate of how much time they will be outdoors!

Provide Amenities

Some great additions for a spring/summer outdoor ceremony are stations with bug spray or sunscreen, and programs that can double as fans or sunshades for guests! It’s important to make sure guests are not overheating as they wait for the ceremony to begin. This can be taken care of with a water station and you can even spruce it up with customizable labels! 

Side note: make sure that your wedding party is properly hydrated before the ceremony as well, don’t need anybody passing out on the way to the altar!

For outdoor ceremonies in the fall, especially in Minnesota, be prepared for any type of weather! If it’s starting to get a lot cooler, a great amenity to provide are throw blankets or scarfs for guests to wear or a station with some instant heat packs!

Embrace the Elements 

Did you know that people travel to Minnesota in the fall just to get a look at all the beautiful scenery and the colors it has to offer?!

Take advantage of it!

Skip the backdrop and get married in front of any trees or florals your venue has to offer. You can also add florals to your ceremony site that will enhance your surroundings! Baby’s breath, purple fountain grass, or even hydrangeas are beautiful on their own but even more against all of the sights that MN seasons can offer! 

And every florist’s favorite tip, buy flowers that are in season to help you cut costs!

Have a Plan B

You’re probably tired of hearing this but it really is better to be safe rather than sorry. 

In MN, it seems like rain or snow can happen at any time which is why we offer outdoor and indoor ceremony options as well as heat and AC to keep guests comfortable all night!

Last minute changes may result in having to change processional order, guest seating arrangements, and even having to improvise a new aisle to walk down! But there is no need to worry! All wedding professionals are prepared for these kinds of things and can help guide you through it and plan for it ahead of time. 

But in the end, just bask in every second of your ceremony because it is something you’ll remember forever; and after a year indoors, there will be nothing like getting married under the open sky!

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