We want you to have all the answers you need, when you need them.

Yes, the entire barn has heating and air conditioning.

The total capacity is 500 with a State Certified sprinkler system.  Our average wedding is around 250.

Please contact us for a list of approved caterers.

 Yes, you can!  We have beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony options.

We have main floor bathrooms with handicap accessible stalls to include baby changing stations in the male and female bathrooms. There is also a full bathroom in the bridal suite and a unisex bathroom on the second-floor game room.

We have parking for 167 cars as well as handicap parking

No, our cleaning company comes through right after your wedding and they work until about 6am cleaning the barn.  They cannot have anything in their way or it won’t get cleaned.  The set up crew comes in at 6 am until 9 am the next morning to set up the barn for the next wedding and the next bride/groom/family arrives at 9 am.  Your items will be in their way and slow them down so things will not go well and we have to think about the next couple coming through.

Rehearsal can be done the day of your wedding, on site. Or If there is nothing booked the day prior to your wedding, you may rent the space to have your rehearsal and bring in your personal items.


  • Dimensions of the wood beams 24 ft long (4 beams) and 18 ft between beams
  • From the floor to the top of the wood beams 9 feet 2.5 inches
  • Harvest Table –  5 feet wide x 20 feet 7.5 inches long and seats up to 30 (Comfortable 10 per side 2 on the ends.  Maximum – 12 per side and 3 on the ends)
  • Dessert Table – 3 feet wide x 9.5 feet long by 34 inches high
  • Bar rail on second-floor mezzanine is 90 ft x 24 ft x 24 ft
  • Window Opening for Bar – 85″ wide x 37″ tall
  • 60 inch round tables seat 8/table
  • 8 banquet tables 8 feet long x 34 inches wide
  • 13 high top bar tables – 24″ round by 43″ tall
  • Doors behind the head table. Door Frame 80.5 inches wide. Between the lights 8 feet 3 inches. Height 96 inches.

Yes, the bridal sweet has a kitchen size fridge/freezer.

We do not allow real candles; LED candles are allowed. Sparklers are allowed ONLY outside of the barn.
We have a designated smoking area 50 feet away from the main entrance.
We do not allow real candles, silly string, glitter (inside or outside), confetti (inside or outside), balloons aired with helium, and you cannot put any holes in the walls. (no nails, tacks, or screws), no tape or glue.
Cars will need to be removed by 8:00am the next morning

130 feet long by 36 feet wide.

Approximately 65 feet long x 45 feet wide. The patio is larger, but this is the size of the main, center space. The back patio typically seats up to 350 people.

The back patio aisle is approximately 50 feet long

4 ft
17 ft
Inside rail 13 ft
Front upper rail 27ft
Ends 21 ft

The dance floor is approximately 20 ft x 30 ft

Your guests should be able to easily travel to our location.  We are in the southeast metro of the Twin Cities with plenty of hotels within 10 miles of our farm.

We have an Outdoor Cross available. The dimensions are 4 feet across x 6 feet tall.

A Furber Farm staff member will be onsite the day of the wedding to answer questions and direct vendors.
We have an indoor ceremony option in case it rains

The DJ will stop playing music at 11:30pm Friday/Saturday and everyone will have to be off the property at 12:30am. Sunday-Thursday, the DJ will stop playing music at 10:00pm and everyone will have to be off the property at 11:00pm.

You have to go through our caterer as they hold our State liquor license for this property, which is a full liquor license.

No, you can use any licensed and insured baker.  It cannot be homemade.

No, you will have to contact the caterer for a quote as it depends on what food and beverages you order.

You do not have to use our exclusive caterer for late night snacks. Most of our couples like to order pizza or use a food truck. You cannot bring in anything homemade to serve to your guests.

Insurance Requirements


  • We require all couples to provide Day Of Wedding Insurance.  You must go through www.wedsure.com and have the following requirements.
  • $1 million per occurrence
  • $2 million aggregate
  • Must include liquor liability (this should be automatically included through wedsure)
  • Must list us as the Certificate Holder:
    Historic John P Furber Farm LLC
    7310 Lamar Ave South
    Cottage Grove, MN  55016


  • Vendors who will be on the property need to provide a Certificate of Liability with the following requirements.  Vendors are not covered under the couples Day Of insurance.  Please contact your insurance agent and have them email this to us with the below requirements.  Once you have provided us with the proper insurance, we will add your business name with a link to your website under our Vendors Tab on our website so that future couples can find you.  We hope to see more of you in the future!
  • $1 million per occurrence
  • $2 million aggregate
  • Must list us as the Certificate Holder:
    Historic John P Furber Farm
    7310 Lamar Ave South
    Cottage Grove, MN  55016

Why do we require you to have Liability insurance?

We require that each couple provides day of insurance to be on the property, this covers them and their guests, but does not cover vendors. That is why each vendor needs to provide a Certificate of Liability for themselves. While on our property, if you get injured or injure another person, you could sue us and/or the person you injure could sue you and us as well as the couple. Everyone needs to be covered. We have thousands of people on our property each year and if we did not require everyone to have their own insurance, our insurance would go through the roof with all of the possible claims and we would not be able to afford our insurance. It is no different than driving a car, you need to have car insurance and if you get into an accident, you would certainly hope the next guy also has car insurance.

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