Most Popular Ways to Display your Wedding Desserts

Now that you’ve got your treats all planned, it’s all about presentation! Depending on your desserts, there may be more than one way to display them so here are some ideas to get you started on your plating search!


Cake stands are the go to when it comes to any size cake, take them a step farther by using them for your other desserts as well to bring the entire table together!

Upper Case Photography

DIY Projects

We’ve seen so many great projects make their way to our dessert table! Everythings from these beautiful window panels, to wooden slabs, cake stands handmade my many loving fathers!

Julie Greer Photography
Lang Thomas Studios Photography

Table Numbers

Pre-COVID we saw this amazing idea of using cakes as table numbers! Each table had its own bundt cake that fit in perfectly with their weddings aesthetic! This also allowed for each table to cut their own piece as big as they wanted, and no need for dessert math or additional cutting fees!

Emily Isakson Photography

Greenery + Lights

Sometimes subtle details like greenery and tea lights are all your cake needs to stand out!

Lauren Rose Collective Photography


If you have great handwriting, this is the time to let it shine! Whether it’s a cute saying like “Love is sweet, take a treat” or just generic flavor signs, they make a great addition to any table!

Beau Peterson Photography

It’s all about height!

No matter if you have dessert for 100 people or 250+, the more height differences there are on your table, the fuller it will look! It not only makes for beautiful photos but it also helps to avoid cross contamination of people accidentally touching other desserts near the one they are grabbing if the table is too full all on one level.

Lauren Rose Collective Photography

No matter how you set up your dessert table, make sure you make the time to visit it for a treat on your wedding night!

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