Things to do as an Engaged Couple on Valentine’s Day

Congratulations! You’re engaged and the countdown to your wedding has officially begun!

Celebrating holidays as an engaged couple can be difficult because they become filled with questions about the wedding! So take Valentine’s Day as the perfect break to celebrate your relationship together before inviting all of your loved ones to join in on your wedding day! Here are some great ideas that are fun, full of love, and will help reduce your wedding to do list!

Pick the Song for Your First Dance

Move around some furniture, light some candles, put together a playlist of song choices for your first dance, and dance the night away to practice your dance moves and pick which song suits your relationship best!

Create Your Bar Menu

Signature drinks are a great way to save money on your bar tab and add a little more personality to your wedding! Play bartender for a night and mix up some of your favorite classic drinks and research what fun twists you can add to it! Extra points for coming up with fun names for them! My current favorite is a lavender vodka lemonade! Or have a wine tasting to decide what you want to serve to your guests!

Wedding Menu Tasting

If you’re still deciding on a wedding menu, this is a great day to explore different restaurant catering options! Call up the caterer and see if you can either set up a tasting or have samples put together for you to try at home! While some menus may be a bit out of range to get on such a busy day, you can still try out fun places for late night snacks, or desserts!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Go back to where you spent your first valentines day together or even to the various places you guys have gone! Dress up and you can get some great photos to display at your wedding or on your wedding website to give guests a glimpse at your love story!

Have a Photo Shoot

Depending on how long you’ve been engaged, this could be a great time to schedule those engagement shoots! Make a day out of it and its a great date!

All in all, just have fun and look forward to your life as a married couple!

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