Tips for Having a Wedding When There’s Snow Out

Because in Minnesota that doesn’t necessarily mean a “Winter” Wedding

Furber Farm Winter Wedding Image

Minnesota weather has declared that fall weddings and activities are cancelled for 2020 as a few snow storms passed by to brighten up our days!

While some brides were expecting photos with the different colors of foliage and all the plaid you can find, they now have to start looking up great photo ideas in the snow instead!

But it’s also important to note other changes you will need to be prepared for and some tips on how to bear the weather and still have your dream wedding!

Furber Farm Winter Wedding Image

Changes to be prepared for:

  • Having an indoor ceremony, this is something that you will have to work closely with your venue on as each has their own procedure when it comes to indoor ceremonies.
  • Outdoor photos
    • Golden hour may be out of the picture but Minnesotan photographers know how to prepare for any lighting in order to get the best shot!
  • Outdoor Activities
    • Whether you had plans for yard games during cocktail hour or a majority of your photos planned for outside, you may have to move most of it indoors. You can set up some games inside or replace yard games with board games and scatter them on extra tables!
  • Travel time may change if snow conditions are bad so have a plan to start a little bit later and shorten things like cocktail hour in order to make sure you’re not rushing through important parts! You can use the time while you wait for more guests in order to squeeze in a few more photos!
Furber Farm Winter Wedding Image

Tips for your wedding day

  • Stay Warm!
    • Matching scarves are great for photos and great to keep you warm! They can be a last minute gift for your bridesmaid in order for all of them to match!
    • If your dresses are long, this provides a great opportunity for long underwear and snow boots! This will help you stay warm for some outdoor photos.
    • If your dress has pockets, consider a few hand warmers as well to keep you warm in between shots! Men can even use the body warmers and hide them under their coats!
    • Use the cold to your advantage and play with props like cute mittens, hats, scarves and more!
  • Keep your dress clean!
    • Alyssa Pearl Photography shared a great tip with us from when she does any weddings in the rain or snow! Have a shower curtain with you to clip under your dress so that it doesn’t get dirty while you’re walking around outside!
  • Be courteous of your guests!
    • You may have planned on a sparkler send off but some of your guests may be more sensitive to the cold so make the decision for them and make the sparkler send off be just your wedding party and parents! Have photographers in place and people ready with the lighters so that this part happens fast!
    • If your venue does not have heating make sure that your guests know to come prepared for the cold so they are not caught by surprise!
Furber Farm Winter Wedding Image

Most importantly, make the best out of the situation and enjoy your big day!

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