Finding a Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding venue can be stressful with so many options that offer a wide variety of different amenities. We put together a few tips and tricks on how to not get overwhelmed and help make your decision easier!

Must Haves 

The first question that we ask couples (and you should be asking yourself) before we start our tours is if there are specific traits you’re looking for in your venue. Whether it’s onsite restrooms, wedding suites, or specific hours of operations, make sure to prioritize must haves when looking at venues. 

Hours of Operation and Restrictions

It’s not only important to know what time you have to be off the property, but you also have to verify what time all vehicles have to be off of the property as well. And if you’re committed to having real candles or sparklers, make sure that those are allowed at venues you are touring. 

Additional Fees

Ask about the fees. For additional hours, rehearsal dinners, set up, or any added services they may offer. 


Depending on how long before your wedding you’re starting your search, you want to have an ideal date but also an open mind! Prices change depending on dates and you may want to turn your wedding day into a wedding weekend! Thursday and Friday weddings are increasing in popularity in order to have all weekend to celebrate with out of town guests and to allow them to explore the town! 

Required Vendors

It is also important to know which vendors are required to work with and which you can hire out for. 

Onsite Staff

It’s important to know if there will be staff onsite to handle any day of issues whether its a clogged toilet, or questions about unloading and set up. It’s also important to understand what the venue is responsible for, and what you’ll be responsible for so that you know if you’ll need a wedding coordinator or additional assistant. 

What Other Couples Have Done

Do not ask this question. When you’re visiting a venue for the first time, you want to envision your dream wedding, not imagine someone else’s past wedding. Trends change, couples are different, and you want to focus on what you want out of your wedding. 

Emergency Plans

As a bride, you can be prepared for anything but it won’t matter if your venue is not prepared as well. Make sure they are up on safety regulations, this means looking out for emergency exit signs, fire extinguishers, and emergency generators. Legally, venues are not allowed to host events if there is a power outage so you want to make sure nothing stops your day!

Cancellation Policies

As we’ve all seen with current events, it’s more important than ever to look at the cancellation policy and how that is affected with extenuating circumstances. 

Overall, have fun while you’re looking for your venue and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, check this list again or reach out to us with questions! We’ve seen it all!

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